Junior Show Entries Information


New for 2021 entries will be done online through FairEntry!

Entries are live and can be done at casscountyfairil.fairentry.com

Entries will be due by Monday, July 5 at 11:59 pm.

You can still come in to the fair office for assistance on the following dates:
Fri. June 18 from 6-8 pm
Sat. June 19 from 9 am-1 pm

Also this year, due to time we will not be mailing out tags. They can be picked up and attached at check-in.


We have had some inquiries regarding animal information in order to complete livestock entries. This has been tweaked slightly so that the only required information is an animal name (write n/a if none) and breed.

If you have any other identifying information (i.e. ear notch, tattoo, scrapie tag ID) please add it when prompted. This will help speed up the weigh-in process and splitting classes.

The identifiers (ear notch, tattoo, scrapie tag ID) will be required in 2022.
2021 Cass County Fairbook
2021 Cass County Fairbook_FINAL_WEB.pdf 2021 Cass County Fairbook_FINAL_WEB.pdf
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Type : pdf
Entry Help Resources
For a video on how to register with FairEntry, click here.
TipsForExhibitors.jpg TipsForExhibitors.jpg
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FairEntry.Family.Entries.May2021.pdf FairEntry.Family.Entries.May2021.pdf
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Type : pdf

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